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Black Cloud Tea

Butternut Roast

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Tasting Notes:

Roasted Macadamia nuts with a floral malted magnolia flavour. The buttery nut notes have a soft toasted aftertaste, Sweet & savoury beautifully combined.

Tea Type:

Rock Oolong Tea

Chinese Name:


Da Hong Pao

Background Description

A classic Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) which uses a blend of leaves from the gardens of Xing Cun village in the Wuyi mountains. This tea has been twice charcoal roasted for a richer and deeper flavour. The Wuyi mountains are known for having lots of tall rocky, cliffs among the gardens, which imparts a mineral richness in the tea. Oolongs from this area are know as Yan Cha (Rock Tea). If youve never tried one before then start here, its the perfect intro to a proper rock tea experience.

Tea Garden Location

Xing Cun Village, 

Wuyi Mountain, 



Harvest Date

Spring 2019

Produced by Fan Zhi Qiang

Brewing Guide

Add 5g to 120ml of 95º water. Infuse for 30 seconds. Pour & enjoy!

Add an extra 5-10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion.

Rules can be broken….


Camellia Sinensis