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Black Cloud Tea

Little Earthquake Cup

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With abundant joy we welcome you to our new Little Earthquake Cup. A cup that sits perfectly in the palm of your hand awaiting liquid delights. These cups are petite, elegant and ideal for a joyous Black Cloud Tea experience. A small dimple is purposely inset into the side of each cup for your thumb to slot into. This gives the cup and wonderful grip and feel when in use.

They are an impeccable combination of beauty and wonderful functionality. Made with a mixture of earthy clay and luscious smooth glaze, these cups have a unique and artistic design. Each one is fully hand-made, crafted by the truly magnificent potter, Charlie Clarke. It is a delight to share tea in these beautiful Little Earthquake Cups. 

These cups are made with a stoneware clay (high-fired) with a choice of different types of glazes (resulting in the differing colours). The Pale Green Cup has a celadon glaze, a material & style originating from the Ming Dynasty, China.

Each batch of cups we receive from Charlie have a unique and repeatable character. Such is the nature of handmade pottery. So you will be getting your own piece of art!

We love and cherish all kinds of teaware, and we feel very lucky to have met the fabulous potter, Charlie. She has gone beyond our expectations in making these wonderful little bespoke cups. We proudly use these ones ourselves, and are overjoyed to be sharing them with you too.

These magic little tea cups are made in Nailsworth, UK, at the Little Earthquake Pots studio. A fully off-grid pottery workshop, run by Charlie Clarke. A fairytale wooden hut studio, created by another master, the woodsman Will Darby, surrounded by the forest spirits of Gloucestershire.

Volume: ≈90ml
Dimensions: 8cm (h) x 6cm (w)
Material: Stoneware Clay & Glaze

Cup Care:

These cups are dishwasher & microwave safe, however we recommended avoiding stacking them with other crockery as they may crack due to their fine nature. 

Note: These cups are handmade, so small variations in capacity, appearance and experience may occur. We check each cup before shipping.