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Black Cloud Tea

Glass Teapot

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The perfect vessel for some mindful tea time. A small glass teapot that allows you to get up close and personal with your tea leaves. Watch the leaves relax and float along as your mind does the same.

Glassware is crucial for the more delicate teas. Unlike clay, glass allows heat from the hot water to disperse, creating the perfect soft heat for more fragile tea leaves. We recommend steeping green, yellow and white teas in this pot, but of course the choice is yours!

A metal filter insert is included. This cleverly fits into the spout, and is very discrete. The filter can be removed easily, which makes cleaning it a simple task. We recommend washing and cleaning this teapot by hand.

This stunning handmade glass teapot is a wonderful addition to any teaware cupboard.

  • Weight: 125g
  • Size: 15cm (w) x 11cm (h) x 11cm (d)
  • Volume: 240ml
  • Material: Glass
  • Filter: Metal Insert