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Black Cloud Tea

Green Note

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Tasting Notes:

A wonderfully tasty & rich green tea, full of fresh sweetness. Plenty of fresh herb notes mixed with organic steamed greens. Sweet meadow aromas with a hint of a dried seaweed aftertaste.

Tea Type:

Green Tea

Chinese Name:


E'mei Heibaoshan Green Tea

Background Description

We are lucky to receive the 1st Spring pickings of this years E'mei Heibaoshan Green tea. The leaves come from the E'mei Mountains, a supremely spiritual place in the whole of China. Four mountains in China are consider holy to the early Buddhists, and this Mountain is one of them. Heibaoshan is one of the main green tea production sites in E'mei, 800-1200 meters above the sea level. The soil is influenced by the unique combination of volcanic-ash rock and the fruit trees (mainly peach) planted in the region. The soil is known as 'bean soil'.

Zhou Chunwen has been making this tea for decades. He is now in his late 80s and is still working hard to make this delicious tea!

Hidden Notes Records Collaboration

We have paired this tea with some new music from the wonderful record label, Hidden Notes Records. The EP is a live recording between two great bands, Spindle Ensemble (UK) and Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan (Canada). A chance collaboration between an expert Gamelan group and an experimental Chamber Quartet. The resulting resonances "Live in Toronto" is a meditative companion to our fresh and relaxing green tea.

We wanted to add to the "slow tea" or "gongfu cha" experience by pairing this tea with some wonderful new music. When you buy this tea (15g or 30g) you will get a unique download code attached to the packaging, allowing you, for free, to download the entire EP. From each sale £3 goes directly to this independent record label.

So relax, drink tea, open your mind & spirit to new music and be merry.

Tea Garden Location





Produced by

Zhou Chunwen

Harvest Date

Spring 2023 (1st Pickings)

Brewing Guide

Add 4g to 120ml of 80º water. Infuse for 30 seconds. Pour & enjoy! 

Add an extra 10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion. 


Camellia Sinensis