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Black Cloud Tea

Jasmine Bloom

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Tasting Notes:

A beautifully fresh and fragrant Jasmine green tea. Smooth Jasmine floral notes combined with sweet sugary grass.

Tea Type:

Jasmine Scented Green Tea

Chinese Name:


Jasmine Scented Green Tea

Background Description

Jasmine Bloom is a four-scented Jasmine, meaning the green tea leaves have been mixed and scented with natural Jasmine flowers four times. Each scenting process lasts a day, as a result it has taken four days to fully scent this tea.

The Jasmine flower is picked before the afternoon sun, which means the flower bud has not fully opened. In this half-opened state it is then mixed with the tea leaves at night time. The next morning the flowers are separated from the tea. This is one round of scenting

These high-quality baked green tea leaves are from Fuding Da Hao (usually famous for its white tea). The Jasmine flowers are from Fuzhou, considered the best place in all of China for premium Jasmine flowers. Fuzhou Jasmine has a sweeter flavour to Jasmine from other locations, therefore making it one of the best for Jasmine tea. 

Tea Garden Location




Harvest Date

Spring 2024

Brewing Guide

Add 4g to 120ml of 80º water. Infuse for 30 seconds. Pour & enjoy! 

Add an extra 10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion. 


Camellia Sinensis & Jasmine Flower