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Black Cloud Tea

Mellow Yellow

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Tasting Notes:

This is a sweet and sugary yellow tea bursting with strong aromas. Summer meadow and pear with a hint of sweet greens. Slightly roasted notes, with subtle sweetcorn aftertastes.

Tea Type:

Yellow Tea

Chinese Name:


Pingyang Huangtang

Background Description

In the 1930's this Pingyang Huangtang (Mellow Yellow) was an extremely popular tea within China. Unfortunately production almost ceased due to changing tastes and production of this tea being more difficult than popular green teas. It was until the 1980's when the production gradually recovered.

Different varieties of this Pingyang Yellow tea have been cultivated, ranging from small leaf to middle sized leaf types. Mellow Yellow originates from 70 year old tea bushes, creating this premium yellow tea.

A wonderfully sweet yellow tea, if stored well it can be aged over 2-3 months to add extra smoothness to the liquor. 

Tea Garden Location




Harvest Date

Spring 2023

Brewing Guide

Put 4g leaf into a small teapot (150ml).

Add 80º water..

Infuse for 1 minute. Now pour into cup and enjoy!

Or drink it how you want to….


Camellia Sinensis