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Black Cloud Tea

Moon Flower

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Tasting Notes:

Sweet and light floral notes. Nutty after-tones. Spring fresh leaving a cooled mouth.

Tea Type:

White Peony Tea Cake

Background Description

Moonflower is a high quality White Peony from the High Mountains of Guangyang, Fuding. The fresh leaves are traditionally sun-dried on bamboo plaques and expertly cared for to remain tender. The leaves are carefully oxidised to bring out the floral sweetness.

This is a tea that just keeps on giving, it can be infused MULTIPLE times. We’ve gone as far as 30 times from one cup!!!!! An eternal Moonflower….

This particular cake is made of leaves from the Spring 2018 season, and gets better every year as it ages beautifully. We met the tea farmer last year and found out he is the local banker for the village where it is made. He decided to invest in a local tea garden in order to make the best white tea he could find. He has a demanding palate which results in this excellent tea. We were lucky to get some due to its success and high demand in China!

Tea Garden Location




Harvest Date

Spring 2018

Brewing Guide

Carefully break off a chunk of leaf (roughly 5g per 100ml)

Add 95º hot water. Infuse for 30 seconds. Pour & enjoy! 

Add an extra 5-10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion. 

Or break the rules…..


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