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Black Cloud Tea

The Light Tea Experience

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Indulge in the Light Tea Experience with four hand-selected light teas from China. This unique set features a Green Tea, two White Teas, and a rare Yellow Tea, all presented in a stylish gift box. Enjoy sampling all 4 teas with this taster set, perfect for tea connoisseurs.

The Light Tea Experience includes four 5g sample bags of carefully selected teas. Brew guides are enclosed for each type of tea, allowing you to make the perfect cup every time. Enjoy a new and exciting tea experience!

The four Light Tea Samples are:

  • Olive Green
    • This tea grows in the remote mountains near Huang Mountain, where the tea pickers walk about 2 hours to reach the rocky tea plantation. The tea has a unique production process where the leaves are hand fried for 20 hours.
  • Mellow Yellow
    • Mellow Yellow originates from 70 year old tea bushes, creating this premium yellow tea. A wonderfully sweet yellow tea, if stored well it can be aged over 2-3 months to add extra smoothness to the liquor.
  • Moon Flower
    • Moonflower is a high quality White Peony from the High Mountains of Guangyang, Fuding. The fresh leaves are traditionally sun-dried on bamboo plaques. The leaves are carefully oxidised to bring out the floral sweetness.
  • Sweet Wood
    • This big leaf, white tea is full of complex, woody sweetness and has a super syrupy texture like no other that we've tried. The leaves are picked from the gushu (ancient tree) gardens of the Li family in Gaoshan Village, Yiwu.