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Black Cloud Tea

Oolong Taster Box

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This Oolong Taster Box contains a varied selection of the finest Oolong teas from China. The premium teas provide a broad range of complex flavours, including nutty and roasted to floral notes. With each steep, you can discover a delightful new tea experience.

The Oolong Taster Box includes four 5g sample bags of carefully selected teas. Brew guides are enclosed for each type of tea, allowing you to make the perfect cup every time. Enjoy a new and exciting tea experience!

The four Oolong Tea Tasters are:

  • Almond Roast
    • Almond Roast is known as a Rougui Oolong variety. Rougui is a known as a cinnamon tea bush, giving it a distinct flavour. These tea bushes are grown in the Wuyi Mountains of the Fujian province, famous for its fantastic oolongs. 
  • Baked Biscuit
    • This delicious rock oolong has been harvested by Master Lin Zhenwen from an old (Lao Cong) tea tree. The variety of this oolong is known as Mei Zhan, a rare and lesser known type of oolong. The leaves are twice charcoal roasted.
  • Berry Butter
    • This is a classic Chinese oolong variety, known as Tie Guan Yin. This tea is named after a Buddhist Goddess, Guanyin, Iron Goddess of Mercy or “The One Who] Perceives the Sounds of the World”. This oolong has more a flowery note than others.
  • Toast Jam
    • A gorgeous blended “Da Hong Pao” oolong. The fire is deep within these leaves. They have been masterfully roasted several times giving these leaves a wonderful toasted flavour. There is a subtle sweetness in the mix.