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Black Cloud Tea

Baked Biscuit

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Tasting Notes:

This wonderful Oolong has lovely rich roasted flavours. Buttery biscuits, toasted caramel, sweet cake flavours hit the palette mixed with dried fruit after-notes. Hints of honey and natural woody aromas.

Tea Type:

Mei Zhan Rock Oolong Tea

Chinese Name:


Lao Cong Mei Zhan

Background Description

This delicious rock oolong has been harvested by Master Lin Zhenwen from an old (Lao Cong) tea tree. The variety of this oolong is known as Mei Zhan, a rare and lesser known type of oolong. The reason for its rarity is that the tree has many challenges for the tea maker to make a good tea. The original tea garden owner did not manage the tree well, it was too heavily pruned leaving the tree dwarfed and with an unusually thick trunk. As a result the natural leaves are weaker than usual with thicker stalks, making them more fragile during the tea making process. However over many years Master Lin has perfected the art of processing the Mei Zhan variety, which results in this amazing tea. He picks the tea leaves by hand and charcoal roasts the twice dried leaves to make the complex roasted notes.

This tea has all the deep flavours typical of a roasted oolong with the special addition of a sweet woody aroma. An affordable yet excellent oolong, making it a great daily drink.

Tea Garden Location

Lutian Village,




Harvest Date

Spring 2023

Produced by Master Lin Zhenwen

Brewing Guide

Add 3g to 120ml of 100º water. Infuse for 30 seconds. Pour & enjoy!

Add an extra 5-10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion.


Camellia Sinensis

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