• Raw Sweetness

    Get some beautiful sweet notes from our affordable yet gorgeous new Raw Puerh.

    Get Some Sweetness 
  • Ancient Treacle

    Treat yourself to some rare Wild Yunnan Black tea. Made from Ancient tea trees.

    Discover Ancient Wild Black Tea 
  • Wild Green

    Freshen up your taste buds with the hard to get, Wild Green tea. The effort the tea pickers go to for this tea are nothing short of courageous.

    Brave the Wild 
  • Moon Flower

    Enter the world of tea cakes with this rare White Peony tea cake. This long-lasting cake brings high quality to your tea collection.

    Have Your Cake and Eat it.... 

Our Mission

We love tea.

Especially tea from China.

The entwining of an ancient culture and an enduring passion for the leaf makes Chinese tea incredibly special.

For us China has the finest leaves, stunning locations, wonderful people and traditions with the leaf that know no end.

We want you all to join us on this discovery of Chinese tea. Sharing these wonderful flavours is our passion, and we aim to supply exquisite leaves for all budgets.

Tea is for everyone.