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Black Cloud Tea

Wild Green

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Tasting Notes:

Looks and tastes like freshly cut sweet grass. A buttered popcorn taste mixes beautifully with a sweet grassiness. A brothy astringent aftertaste completes the tantalising taste journey. Its like drinking a summer meadow.

Tea Type:

Green Tea

Chinese Name:


Tianmu Wild Green 

Background Description

This tea grows at an extremely high altitude in an area surrounded by pine trees. The local pickers inform us that the tea bushes were under organic management in the 1990s and have a near wild status. The tea pickers need safety ropes to pick the tea buds as the slopes are so steep! This tea has a later than usual Spring germination.

Tea Garden Location

East Tianmu Mountain,




Harvest Date

Spring 2021

Brewing Guide

Add 4g to 120ml of 85º water. Infuse for 1 minute. Pour & enjoy! 

Add an extra 10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion. 

Or do what you like……


Camellia Sinensis