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Black Cloud Tea

Caramel Trees

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Tasting Notes:

The dry leaf aroma is a joy, full of strong grapes & lychee notes. Forest fragrances mixed with sweet caramel flavours. The ancient leaves are extraordinarily rich with nutrients.

Tea Type:

Black Tea

Chinese Name:


20 Ancient Trees

Background Description

This tea comes from the border of Fengqing & Changning County by Lancang River. There are less than twenty of these tea trees left in this area, hence the Chinese name of the tea. The trees are ancient and enormous, more than 20meters high. Tea trees like this are precious and full of history. They are estimated to be 700-800 years old. Once harvested the leaves are charcoal roasted.

Tea Garden Location

Heping Village, 




Harvest Date

Spring 2021

Produced by Du Yonggang

Brewing Guide

Add 5g to a 150ml teapot. Add 90-95º hot water. Infuse for 15 seconds. Pour & enjoy! 

Can be brewed 10-15 times afterwards! 

Add an extra 5-10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion. 

Rules can be broken with a biscuit…..


Camellia Sinensis