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Black Cloud Tea

Coco & Rose

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Tasting Notes:

Sweet sugar on the tongue, followed by rose water and burnt cacao. A slightly roasted flavour mixes with a mouth watering dark chocolate. A real tea treat!

Tea Type:

Black Tea

Chinese Name:


Jin Jun Mei

Background Description

This tea is known as Jin Jun Mei (Beautiful Golden Eyebrow) with the best stuff being produced almost exclusively in a small village near the Wuyi Mountain national park in South East China. Often considered a high class tea thats gifted to government officials, we managed to get our hands on a small batch.

Tea Garden Location

Wuyi Mountains,



Harvest Date

Spring 2020

Brewing Guide

Add 5g to 120ml of 100º water. Infuse for 30 seconds. Pour & enjoy!

Add an extra 5-10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion.

Rules can be broken….


Camellia Sinensis