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Black Cloud Tea

Sweet Wood

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Tasting Notes:

The unique large dry leaf has a lovely chocolate raisin aroma. A mixture of earthy, woody flavours mixed with honeyed dried fruits. Suitable for a long brew.

Tea Type:

Large Leaf White Tea

Chinese Name:


Gushu White

Background Description

This big leaf, white tea is full of complex, woody sweetness and has a super syrupy texture, like no other that we've tried. The leaves are picked from the gushu (ancient tree) gardens of the Li family in Gaoshan Village, Yiwu, before being sun dried on bamboo baskets. This tea also has a couple years of age on it, for extra depth and complexity and can be infused many times, it even works well grandpa style with the leaves simply soaking in a glass of hot water! Its a brew thats sure to leave you with a calm, glowing feeling. 

Tea Garden Location

Gaoshan Zhai, 

Yiwu Mountains, 



Harvest Date

Spring 2018

Produced by The Li Family

Brewing Guide

Add 5g to 120ml of 9 water. Infuse for 1 minute. Pour & enjoy!

Add an extra 20 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion.

Let it stew! Stands up very well to being overbrewed.


Camellia Sinensis