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Black Cloud Tea

Tea Explorer Gift Box

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Explore a wide range of tea flavours with the Tea Explorer Gift Box. This four-variety selection of teas provides an exciting journey for tea lovers, including a rare wild Black Tea, an unusual White Tea, a luxurious Puerh Tea, and a heavy roasted Oolong Tea. Enjoy a special tea adventure in the comfort of your favourite Tea Space!

Discover the perfect gift of tea with this Black Tea Adventure Set. Enjoy a selection of premium black teas from around China, all presented in a beautiful gift box. Experience unique flavours from special teas perfectly grown and developed for an unforgettable taste.

The Tea Explorer Git Box includes four 5g sample bags of carefully selected teas. Brew guides are enclosed for each type of tea, allowing you to make the perfect cup every time. Enjoy a new and exciting tea experience!

The four Tea Tasters are:

  • Ancient Treacle (Black Tea)
    • This special tea is made from ancient wild trees in the mountains of Sanchahe, Yunnan, 2000 meters above sea level. These wild trees are called “Red Spores” as their buds are red and fall to the ground when the buds develop. 
  • Sweetness (Raw Puerh Tea)
    • This particular puerh tea is made of gushu leaves from the Autumn 2019 season, which, for us, is arguably more fragrant than some Spring tea productions. The flavour will get deeper and richer with further ageing of this tea.
  • Sweet Wood (White Tea)
    • This big leaf, white tea is full of complex, woody sweetness and has a super syrupy texture like no other that we've tried. The leaves are picked from the gushu (ancient tree) gardens of the Li family in Gaoshan Village, Yiwu.
  • Toasty Jam (Oolong Tea)
    • A gorgeous belnded “Da Hong Pao” oolong. The fire is deep within these leaves. They have been masterfully roasted several times giving these leaves a wonderful toasted flavour. There is a subtle sweetness in the mix.