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Black Cloud Tea

Yunnan Cacao Blend

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Tasting Notes:

Full bodied earthiness mixed with a sharp raw cacao note. A smooth and rich aftertaste with a hint of chocolate sweetness. The dry leaf aroma is pure Willy Wonka.

Tea Type:

Ripe Puerh Tea & Cacao Husk Blend

Background Description

Well this is exciting! Our first tea blend experiment and we absolutely love it. This is a happy marriage between two local companies, Black Cloud Tea & Coco Caravan. Two businesses that arose from personal obsessions for their products, Tea & Cacao.

We found that mixing one of our ripe puerh teas with the organic Guatemalan cacao husks from Coco Caravan made for an exceptional and unique tea. A deeply rich tea with luxurious cacao notes. There's nothing like it. The puerh leaves and the cacao husks compliment each other fantastically well. A true delight!

Coco Caravan are a Stroud (UK) based Chocolate Making team. They are truly passionate about cacao and making chocolate the right way. Their respect for the cacao bean is exactly how we feel about tea.

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Brewing Guide

Add 4g to small teapot. Add 10 hot water. Infuse for 40 seconds. Pour & enjoy! 

Add an extra 10 seconds brewing time for every subsequent infusion. 

Or break the rules…..


Camellia Sinensis (60%)

Cacao Husks (40%)